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Quantum Autopilots and Optimum Living
Starts Jan 3, 2018

in vivo Quantum Biology and Conscious Life
Starts March 21, 2018

Consciousness and Quantum Biology
Starts June 13, 2018
Cosmology: Source of Life (or Holographic Life)
Starts Sept 12, 2018
Beyond Online Classes: Optimizing Life through Quantum Imaging

About QB Online Classes

Life is an extraordinary gift.

13.798 billion years in the making - THAT is a lot of making, mind you - every human being is astonishing, the leading edge culmination of an evolving cosmos. As we explore facets of our heritage, we uncover a holographic and quantum legacy, and come across a stunning realization: that we may be at crossroads where a level of co-creation is being beckoned by the cosmos!
Else why would these thoughts arise?

Authentic inquiry in to the nature of who we are, using QB as a tool, is at the heart and soul of every class.

Going beyond opinions, identities, cliche's, parables and stories we seek to uncover the core of who we are with QB.

  • Who are we?
  • What are we doing here?
  • What is our purpose?
  • What is the nature of the cosmos we live in?
  • Are we inextricably linked to everything else in the cosmos?
  • Can we enhance and champion life? And well-being?
  • Is it possible to transcend the seemings and come in contact with our true nature?
  • Is claiming our legacy the ultimate form of empowerment?

So come discover who you are. Apart from identities, cliche`s and stories. You are likely to be surprised. Maybe even shocked. You will see all beings, including yourself, in AWE and ASTONISHMENT. Paving a new way of life. Share openly in class. With authenticity. Leave empowered. Naturally.  For a Cosmological view of who you are, see below.


From Creation to the Present: 

This schematic shows some states of matter and events as a function of time. With the deep-field images from Hubble telescope we can look back to about 7% the age of the universe. That the fainter and more distant images look different from the nearer ones is indication that we are living in an evolving cosmos.  Recent data has yielded convincing proof that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace               Physics Today

This schematic depicts the journey of every electron, indeed every particle, visible and invisible, that makes up who I am today, from the big bang to the present.
  Yes indeed, this is My Family Portrait.
Every component that makes up who I am today arrived here after a long trip – having evolved from nothing, then radiation, then primordial plasma, then nucleo-synthesis, then stellar evolution, then planetary formation, then biological transformation – to the present. It literally took 13.8 billion years to finally assemble me into who I am today.    Inferno? You bet! I was part of an extra-ordinarily hot plasma over 10,000,000,000 degrees. Yes, I was that hot!    Tumultuous? Indeed! I have experienced the immense crunch of gravity of super massive black holes and the near light speed ejection from the interior of exploding stars!   Encoded within me, then, is a deep cosmic wisdom derived from such experiences as thermal energy that can rip protons apart, compressions that can crush a galaxy in to a black hole the size of a pin head, explosions that can propel objects at near light speeds – and a lineage that extends from the beginning of time! Saying anything less – or acting less or playing small – is simply inauthentic. Becoming an AUTHENTIC human being, then, is the gift of every Online Class.
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