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The integration of Quantum Biology and Consciousness awakens some things deep within...

I love cameras and the pictures they take.
The "camera" that takes a chest X-ray displays the electron density in our body - astonishing, eh?
I also love Magnetic Resonance Imaging "cameras" - and the deeper physics behind them. That every MRI is a picture of the hydrogenous proton distribution in our body never stops to amaze me!      - TP

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The above animations demonstrate how the Unified Field (shown as a collection of frequencies) interacts with your Quantum Structure. In its wake you 'experience' 
  • feelings
  • body sensations
  • dreams
  • ideas
  • sensuous feelings
  • quantum images
  • thoughts
  • deja-vu
  • heightened physical prowess
  • and much more!
It hardly needs stating that quantum mechanics plays an important role in biology since it underlies the nature of atomic and molecular structure, and therefore the nature of molecular shapes and bonding, and hence the templating functions of nucleic acids and the specificity of proteins.

In other words, quantum mechanics underpins at the most fundamental level the machinery of life itself.

In this class we are taking this opportunity to go even deeper in two ways.
First, quantum mechanics may play much more than the above basic role of determining molecular structure, bonding, folding and chemical affinity. After all, biology is based on chemistry, which in turn is subject to quantum principles such as Pauli's Exclusion Principle. Thus, a number of the more counter-intuitive features of the theory such as quantum superposition, entanglement, tunneling and de-coherence, may also turn out to play a vital role in life.

Second, we promote experiential learning by using our quantum biological body as a raft to navigate. So bring your raft and be prepared to play!
Rather than conventional learning using Schrodinger's equation and complex Matrix mechanics, we will use:
1. pictures to convey the underlying quantum principles and
2. encourage participation that promotes awareness of your quantum nature!
3. encourage sharing on social media such as Facebook
The Grand Unified Field is even more fundamental than Quantum Physics

MANY well-known folks have described CONSCIOUSNESS as THE FRONTIER of HUMANITY.

Physicists, meanwhile ecstatic at the phenomenal success of quantum mechanics, have been confronted by one of the subtle undertones inherent in quantum physics - that of consciousness. Of late, valuable questions are being raised about the symmetry of the Grand Unified Field and the Field of Consciousness espoused in the ancient Upanishads and the Vedas.

From a strictly science perspective, when our raw quantum structure brushes up against the GUF (which, like the gravitational field, is always ON and can not be turned off) it gives rise to a multitude of outcomes, like feelings, body sensations, thoughts, ideas, deja-vu, dreams, inordinate levels of energy, hawk-like attention, magnificent body capacities and many many more.
Not blocking the field of consciousness, then, allows life energy to flow vigorously, enhancing quality of life. This is the secret behind the guided meditation QBGM which combines the ancient wisdom of the vedic sciences and the modern sciences of quantum mechanics and quantum biology. Best of all, you do not need to know either -- find a comfortable place at home, don your headset, join a conference call and be led by an extra-ordinarily devoted meditation guide.
Tuesdays at 9PM and 10PM. -- TP
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The Quantum Autopilot: Double Edged Sword.

When something has both favorable and not so favorable effects, the term double-edged sword is often used to describe it. There is a myriad of quantum auto pilots in our body. It is impossible to live without them. Why, then, is it a double edged sword? Here's why. Most of us really don't have a clue about these amazing auto-pilots and what they do, or how they do what they do. That being said, an enormous amount of resources are spent in the name of 'mindfulness,' 'awareness,' and so on. Many famous people like  Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra -- and many more best selling authors -- have kept us away from discovering our genuine quantum nature. By using compelling stories and seductive language they continue to hijack us away from the astonishing truth that we are quantum beings. The cost to humanity has been, and continues to be, enormous. We publicly invite these folks to join our Online Classes, which reveals we are quantum beings..