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Quantum Physics is now poised to transform biology - and healthcare - in a fundamental way.  

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In the Comfort of Your Home
Evidence we are Quantum Beings
Our quantum nature is in constant contact with the Grand Unified Field
Tumultuous Beginnings. In a real sense we had two births - one from our biological mother in human form; the other, the birth of the constituents that make up who we are, took place 13.8 billion years ago in the big bang!
Coherence in the quantum world is equivalent to alignment in the ordinary world. They lead to peak energy flow.
"Saying the quantum biology practitioners oath to yourself is equivalent to chanting a sacred  MANTRA."   -- Dr. Thomas Padikal
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Quantum Mechanics is stunningly successful. Not a single prediction (millions in all) of the theory has ever been wrong! More than a third of our economy is driven by products derived from it!
It is now poised to transform biology - and healthcare - in a big way. Hence the interest in quantum biology. Those who neglect quantum biology risk being left behind!

It has been said, however, that quantum biology is:

  1. Counter-intuitive and a little weird? Yes and yes!
  2. Rewarding? Certainly yes! 
  3. Fun? We promise! 
  4. Transformative? Expect it!
  5. Descriptive of Life? Yes, it is!

News for those of you who dread math: there is none in QBonline. We use pictures instead.
The advanced class, QBAonline, has some; but it isn't too complex.

What you can expect from QB Online

By participating in QBonline, you may expect to achieve the following results:

  1. Recognize that you are also a fine collection of stunning subatomic particles
  2. Recognize that these subatomic particles collectively dance you in to existence.
  3. Recognize the inseparability of the Observer and the Observed
  4. Learn how to escalate your vitality and optimize your well-being on an ongoing basis.
  5. Notice the holographic nature of electrons. You cannot split yourself away from nature and excel in life!
  6. Even more, learn to co-exist with nature in such a way as to allow her to do all the "heavy lifting" - using quantum principles and the grand unified field - and lead an optimum life.
  7. Experience joy by heightening your awareness of your rhythm -- as the ensemble of beautifully charged particles dance you into existence.
  8. Build networking opportunities with other quantum biology practitioners and integral health practitioners.
  9. Learn about opportunities in In Vivo Quantum Biology. Including how to become a Quantum Biology Practitioner and a Center for Vitality Affiliate.

What you can expect from QBA Online

By participating in QBAonline, you may expect to receive (1-9) above as in QBonline. Additionally you can expect to receive the following benefits:

  1. Delve deeper on topics (1-9) above.
  2. Why are we talking about electrons so much? Protons, anyone?
  3. Astrobiology: The role of Cosmology in Biology.
  4. Entanglement, Tunneling, Coherence and De-coherence.
  5. Holographic Cosmos and its implications to life.
  6. Entropy, De-coherence vs. Order, creation and Coherence.
  7. Understanding De-phasing and other special topics.


What you can expect from QBC Online 
QBC online:  Quantum Biology and Consciousness

Quantum Physics is the most epic love story ever told about the material world - ask any Physicist.
Quantum Biology is the most romantic poetry of life ever composed - ask any self-respecting Life Scientist.

What, then, is consciousness?
More mysterious than quantum physics, it is counter-intuitive and life transforming -- ask any String Theorist. Theologian. Philosopher or Human Being.

Ecstatic at the phenomenal success of quantum mechanics, physicists have been confronted by one of the subtle undertones inherent in quantum physics - that of consciousness. Of late, valuable questions are being raised about the symmetry of the Grand Unified Field and the Field of Consciousness espoused in the ancient Upanishads and the Vedas.

From a strictly science perspective, when our raw quantum structure brushes up against the GUF (which, like the gravitational field, is always ON and can not be turned off) it gives rise to a multitude of outcomes, like feelings, body sensations, thoughts, ideas, deja-vu, dreams, inordinate levels of energy, hawk-like attention, magnificent body capacities and many many more.
Not blocking the field of consciousness, then, allows life energy to flow vigorously, enhancing quality of life.

In other words, if  your awareness is limited to the waking state, then you cannot become  a true knower of reality. The study of consciousness  is not through  books, but through what is inscribed in the pure consciousness of the individual student himself. In conventional (linear thinking) ways of learning, knowledge is extrinsic. This fundamental "split" can make the student feel inadequate and powerless. An important scientific aspect of this whole inquiry is how the grand unified field (GUF) stimulates consciousness. We'll take this on experientially and discover that the unified field is much easier to access than previously believed. What is required of you is a willingness to be playful!

The consequences listed above, such as "...inordinate levels of energy, hawk-like attention, magnificent body capacities and many many more" can be traced not only to coherent energy transfer, but also to peak quantum biological alignment,which I have described elsewhere.... 

Pretty awesome gifts "we come with," if you ask me!

It may be possible to use our quantum body as a raft to

(1) navigate life -- often without conscious awareness (use of auto-pilots)
(2) navigate the unfamiliar and magical quantum world -- again without conscious awareness (use of quantum auto-pilots)
(3) navigate the unified field without being fully aware and
(4) get transported to the infinite ocean of consciousness! 
Some of us may have discovered that meditation can decrease de-coherence. In a state of coherence, there is increased likelihood of these happening. 

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If you are not satisfied for any reason, please talk to us before the end of class 2. Your tuition will be refunded in full. No questions asked.

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